Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still on the Road

Everyday is a serious of decisions, some conscious, some without thought and a few that may be put off for another time.  Which clothes to wear?  Well, what is the occasion, what fits, the weather, comfort level and overall vibe for the day may all be factors before making a final selection.  And, I am willing to admit, the choice may change for no reason at all.  Some days it may feel perfectly fine to wear two pieces together, say a yellow sweater and gray slacks.  Another day - "What was I thinking?"  Life, for me, is filled with moments like this that sometimes make no sense.

I may think I want to be a girly-girl, sparkly, shiny and with a dash of pink (a bit of Sarah Jessica Parker perhaps?)

The next day, dark, solid black - is it chic or a uniform? While looking at Jessica Alba, also imagine Angelina Jolie...

Once we hit a certain age, aren't we supposed to know who we are, what we like and just be good with it?  I am still on the road.  I am still trying thing out, trying thing on, making alternate choices.  Sometimes I look back with regret and then I spend countless hours convincing myself my past is based simply on the information I had at that time.  I would never take some of those paths again. 

It's impossible to say what tomorrow will bring even when you think you know every combination available, a new idea will present itself.  The challenge is deciding to try it and if so, is it for the public or more personal and private?  I am still on the road.  Still trying on new styles, color combinations and sometimes, yes, returning to old, safe favorites.  Is it really about fashion?  More like a lifestyle, or more simply, a life.

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