Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Quick Tour

Lucky to be able to stop and smell the roses while working.  Though the heat and humidity were enough to make me want to just drop down on the sidewalk and chug about half a gallon of lemonade, instead I walked around Town (I've called and heard Pine Bush called that since I was a child.  As in, "I'm going to Town, do you need anything?")  A Spring Street Fair, Town Wide Yard Sale and the Farmers Market were all being held on a sunny holiday weekend Saturday and I was honored and happy to be able to combine my love of photography and cover the community events.  It allowed me a fabulous moment or two indeed!

I simply cannot resist flowers.  Flower gardens, fencing and a garden gate combined as a subject are like kryptonite.  I simply could not move!

Having watched some real pros taking their shots, I force myself and adjust from tight to wider shots of the same subject.  I always want to zoom in.  Does this desire have any ties to my personality and love of the details?

If the home owner was inside, are they used to people photographing their yard?  What would they say if they did see me?  This house made me want to plant rows and rows of Peonies despite their need for tiny ants to assist in opening the blooms.  I love the look and space required for these large headed flowers.

The famed roses to stop and smell.  While I thought approaching the stranger's garden to sniff the vibrant red beauties would be too much, I had no fear of capturing these images.

Though I struggled with the brilliant beastly rays of sunshine, I could not give up on this wrought iron gate and yes, more flowers.

Then off to the Farmers Market.

Chard as art?  Why of course, it is simply fabulous.

Seeing green onions is also a reminder of childhood.  Picking wild scallions in the backyard with their deep green shoots, I would simply pull the "hairy" roots away and eat them raw.  Oh the crazy fabulous times of children - sucking on clover, trying crab apples, picking wild berries... (no, I did not walk to school in 2 feet of snow up hill, but it already seems like childhood memories are of a long ago era.  The pre-electronic age.)

When I see the slightly different, a bit off-beat items for sale, I always stop and admire their unique and individual personality though I may not have any possible use or place for them.

Shooting under the sun again, I love that someone, anyone, painted their outbuilding or shed a pretty pale pink.  Quaint, yet untraditional.

Finally, the Relay for Life Butterfly.  A symbol that represents so many things, and for me bring a number of emotions from sadness and sorrow to a bit of pride in my community.  The unrelenting drive of the members of the teams that continue to walk and fund raise, the sad memories of lost loved ones, the fact that anyone has to suffer from any form of cancer, and the joy of watching as a patient becomes a survivor. 

A quick tour of a Fabulous Town and a peek into the thoughts of the mind capturing the images.

The private part of the tour includes the people I spoke with, those known for years and a few I met for the first time.  Those private experiences also do contribute to the individual memories - all fabulous.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still on the Road

Everyday is a serious of decisions, some conscious, some without thought and a few that may be put off for another time.  Which clothes to wear?  Well, what is the occasion, what fits, the weather, comfort level and overall vibe for the day may all be factors before making a final selection.  And, I am willing to admit, the choice may change for no reason at all.  Some days it may feel perfectly fine to wear two pieces together, say a yellow sweater and gray slacks.  Another day - "What was I thinking?"  Life, for me, is filled with moments like this that sometimes make no sense.

I may think I want to be a girly-girl, sparkly, shiny and with a dash of pink (a bit of Sarah Jessica Parker perhaps?)

The next day, dark, solid black - is it chic or a uniform? While looking at Jessica Alba, also imagine Angelina Jolie...

Once we hit a certain age, aren't we supposed to know who we are, what we like and just be good with it?  I am still on the road.  I am still trying thing out, trying thing on, making alternate choices.  Sometimes I look back with regret and then I spend countless hours convincing myself my past is based simply on the information I had at that time.  I would never take some of those paths again. 

It's impossible to say what tomorrow will bring even when you think you know every combination available, a new idea will present itself.  The challenge is deciding to try it and if so, is it for the public or more personal and private?  I am still on the road.  Still trying on new styles, color combinations and sometimes, yes, returning to old, safe favorites.  Is it really about fashion?  More like a lifestyle, or more simply, a life.