Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Fabulous Re-Read (and feel free to create your own)

I keep a collection of books, soft and hard cover, children's, cookbooks, fiction and non-fiction.  How many do I actually pick up off the shelf and re-read?  Not many.  However, this one is one I can pick up anytime and see something new and think, "I haven't thought about that in a while, but yes, that makes me happy."  It forces me to slow down and truly appreciate the little things, the details, the small pleasures in life.

What makes you happy?  The question may seem too big, too vague and almost impossible to answer sometimes, especially when you are in a low point and can't quite see your way to happy.  Instead, notice the things as they happen or appear, that make you smile and hold on to those moments.

I don't want to run out and have fried dough right now, but the thought of it does certainly make me happy.  The texture of the dough, the little bits of powdered sugar that you somehow inhale when it is handed to you, the feeling of ripping the hot dough apart, the squishiness in my fingers...see, what I mean.  It really makes me happy.

What will you think of today or see today or do today that will make you happy?  Share it, post it, tell someone, write a book about it if you can, but most of all - feel it and feel fabulous.

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