Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Side of Fries

Most children go through phases; not eating greens, loving a song, movie or book and wanting it repeated until adult ears bleed, and favorite foods. For me, I had passions for Strawberry Quik, white rice with butter, little candy silver decorations on other candy, colorful candy tabs on paper, Quisp cereal and french fries. The Strawberry Quick made me break out in hives, the white rice with butter - no nutritional value but I loved it, odd choices in candy but well loved over chocolate, the Quisp cereal did indeed stay crispy and sweet (I also remember loving the sugary monster cereals Boo Berry especially) and ah, french fries... A moment of silence for french fries.

So many memories with fries, in a basket at a diner with my grandmother, when one of my first friends came over to play and for dinner and asked, "What are they?" about the platter of crispy potato goodness my mother served thinking all children loved them. Fries made anything better and if offered with a hot school lunch were often all I really needed. From the double arches, well, I simply was not going to share, with anyone. My husband thought it was a joke, but no, really, get your own.

Hand cut, shoe string, seasoned, sweet potato, waffle fries, a variety for each day of the week without a moment of boredom. With steak, burgers, pork, chicken, seafood and even breakfast in a pinch.

The sweets can be left behind, a sugary memory, a passing phase, but the world's most fabulous food is indeed the french fry.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fabulous Support

It is one thing to preach about supporting local business and quite another to not only support shops and restaurants, but each other. I am more likely to frequent any place I am connected to the people within it and will continue to show my appreciation for those who simply put themselves out there.

Tonight I went to a karaoke night at a local bar/restaurant. This is not an activity that my husband and I would really ever participate in (though we can't deny that it has happened once or twice over the past 25 years or so) but I wanted to go. The DJ was a former student, the venue was a business I have not been in since the new owner took over.

Last week we attended an art show. The artist, the daughter of my husband's long time friend and though the exhibit involved a bit of travel, it was about being there. I happen to love her work, but would likely attend regardless.

Art and music may not appeal to everyone. How about the local fire department, service organizations, youth groups, Big Brother/Sister, food pantry, blood drive, etc.? Who do you support?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Choosing Just One Moment

When sitting at the computer, fingers on the keyboard, hoovering just above the letters with mind racing, trying to decide just which one moment or thought will best be remembered about this day, I can't help be distracted by the noise. The moments I could have lived without, but even they can be turned in a sickly sweet fashion to represent positive.

The sun glared directly in my eyes as I drove to work. How lucky. How fabulous the sun is rising again with me instead of after I arrive in the parking lot.

I was hungry for my lunch by 11:30. A celebration for food? Well, why not and health and the ability to cook well enough I am happy for left overs. And, co-workers shared my hunger and so a few of us gathered early and ate and talked. Conversation that weaves between nonsense, current events, movies and wedding songs. Yes, wedding songs. First dances and the favorite preferred dance by most men, the slow-circling-hug.

During the ride home, my stomach began to turn and twist and I worried. I made it home ok and decided to stick to the work out regimen written for me and did my 3+ miles of cardio while the rest of the family ate dinner. I was missing a bit of conversation and time, but I assured them I rather they carried on as I wasn't sure how I would feel. After about 45 minutes, I began to feel better and glad for the exercise. Hoping movement will always be easy and without limits or restrictions...

And so, how to select just one fabulous moment - the sun shining, a job, good food, someone to talk it over with, the ability to put one foot in front of the other at will and the desire to capture it all in words make it feel like an incredible task to try to decide between them. Best to simply bury myself in all of it and though it was an ordinary day, it was still fabulous.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Personal and Fabulous Luxury

Who is to define what makes another person happy? Who can tell you how to reach that fabulous place where you are completely immersed in an activity or moment of leisure you love without reason? Who can decide when, where and how? Only you. Or in this case, only me.

A weekend may be loved when it is jam packed, full and brimming with action, busting at the seams, triple booked and no time to be bored. A day off may be the best when you are molded into the couch, the cushions shaped to your body perfectly and all that remains are empty containers from the mindless snacks consumed during a mindless television marathon series.

Balance may be the key. With 2 days, one filled with have to-do's and one with want-to-do's. 24 hours dedicated to a beloved hobby (well, minus time for sleeping and eating) may be utopia. Toss in a bit of laundry, housecleaning, errands, grocery shopping....oh, wait, is that not part of the agenda? I didn't think so.

And so for me, this past weekend held quite a personal luxury. I read a book. Well, honestly, I finished one that I had been nursing along since Christmas and started a new book. In between, a bit of working out, all the have-to-do's I could stand and a bit of additional down time to watch Tower Heist. But it was the reading, the sitting still with a hard cover book in my lap, taking the time to actually digest each word, put myself in the setting, and be completely submerged that was a fabulous luxury. Next weekend, likely back to the hustle and bustle, social activities, things that have to be tended to and I will look back on these moments with a bit of a smile, until next time.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Fabulous Fitness Trainer

Having someone in the family, specifically my older son, who is quite physically active and fit can have an amazing upside. He has been researching best, as far as healthiest, diets and as a result we are reducing our processed foods and carbs (I've been saying this for years, but teens as you probably know or remember, are almost impossible to negotiate with). I have a wider selection of fresh produce in the house now because it is being consumed before it can go bad. I enjoy cooking a better assortment of meals now that they are more likely to be eaten without a lot of protest.

I wondered how I could tap into his fitness concerns in a way I may benefit. I sporadically use our treadmill and once in awhile will have short spurts of interest in working out. I started to ask his advice regarding staving off middle-aged wings and reducing my risk of "secretarial spread" (he loves this crazy antique term for an ever widening bottom half due to more time in a chair) and we have worked out a series of exercises I can do with my dumb bells. My weights are of course "cute" to him.

I now have a fabulous regimen with body part designated days and two days per week of just cardio. Though my reps and amount of weight seem childish to some, I have to admit I have been feeling it and look forward to keeping up the routine and someday seeing the benefit. He's a fabulous trainer and I'm not afraid to tell you, I'm in love!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Fabulous Bit More

In addition to my day job, I am a freelance writer. The checks arrive erratically, are not enough to solely make a living and while I know how much I agreed to before writing a piece, I received a check that didn't add up. Had I forgotten something? Have I lost the ability to count in round numbers? I would have to ask the editor and for a moment I hesitated for fear of looking ridiculous.

A fabulous surprise, I would now be paid a little bit more. I have never received a raise and not known it until I opened my check and so this was quite fabulous.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well, at least there's that...

You know how sometimes we have a bad moment, then start to make the mistake of sharing it with someone who tries to cheer you up by saying, "Well, at least...." and pointing out the infinite number of possible things that could be worse in life? Does that technique really work with anyone? Let's say for example a friend tells you they had a flat tire in the rain. Do you respond with, "well, at least you have a car?" Don't.

A two minute pity party is in order. Just two minutes to acknowledge that it really stinks to not only have a flat tire, but to have it in the rain. This also isn't the time to share, "I once had a flat tire in the rain and then was hit by a tractor trailer." Being one up doesn't make it better either. Or, "I've never had a flat tire. Guess I'm just lucky."


Well, my two minutes are up so I'm going to stand up, dust my self off and get right back in there. Of course, no flat tires were experienced to tell this story, it was fabulously hypothetical, but not every moment of today was fabulous. Thankfully, more moments are ahead of me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can Fabulous be Edited?

Gathering photographs for a special event, limited by space and time, it is increasingly difficult to simply, "pick the best ones," or stick to the original theme. First thoughts were to limit the subject matter to two individuals, but because they did not live in a vacuum and of course had relationships, family and friends, some of the best shots include other people as well. Once you add some of the other people, must you ensure that you add stills that include ALL of the other people? Now, how do you stop? How can a decision be made about what stays? If group shots are thought to be the answer, what if the two original people are not in the group, but everyone else is, what if someone is accidentally left out? Oh boy. A seemingly simple task has become magnified, but wait, what if the photographs are simply of the two people...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Text = E-Note

A part of elementary school and middle school (or junior high) in my memory was spent writing or passing notes. The tricky part was in not getting caught by teacher's or having your note intercepted. If you or your friend were talking about your latest crush in the note, it could be devastating. The more childish renditions included things like: Do you like me, yes or no, circle one. Just the idea of this is fabulous.

In the age of electronic communication, do children text message these thoughts? Does one classmate ask another via cell phone, my friend likes you, do you like him/her? Do these children have cell phones in school? Does that take something away from the experience, add something to it or is it the same? How does Facebook play into all of this? Maybe it's not at all about being better or worse, just different.

I also remember being on the only telephone number in the house that was used for my father's business and our home, with a long cord that could reach from the kitchen to the living room couch (and yes, we had a rotary dial extension in the garage) for hours at a time after school. Now, even in this house, everyone has their own cell phone and the landline is typically reserved to receive calls from telemarketers or our mothers. We do still have corded phones in the garage and basement that can come in handy when hit with weather situations like Hurricane Irene.

So, what are you doing today? hmu ttyl lol

Sunday, February 19, 2012


The most fabulous lessons are learned when you least expect, through experience and you want to implement immediately. The a-ha moments and once you see them, you almost can't believe you didn't know it all along. Sort of like looking at the "can you find the hidden picture within a picture" mind games, they become up front and you never look at them the same way when you realize what else is in the image.

I've loved taking pictures since I was about 10 years old and with each passing year I take it a step further. I've always love the close up and filling the frame with a single image, one face, one mood, one thought. It's only been very recently that I have learned sometimes, you simply have to pull back. Put it all into focus. Let the story come from the whole photo rather than a thumbnail snapshot.

Funny how sometimes the lessons we learn for one purpose can be reapplied in other places. Kind of like life... fabulous moments frozen in time can be zoomed in on or part of a panoramic view with many subtle details and images.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fabulous Family

I am not eternally mushy.

Given the choice between the sentimental birthday card and the funny one,

I will almost always go for humor.

I have always told my sons, "We will always be your family." Though I understand sometimes you simply need a friend by your side.

Through the toughest times and the greatest joys, they are by my side and though I used to only think of my parents and sister as my family, and now with my husband we have our own family with two grown sons, we are a strong support system and part of a fabulous tribe.

Today, with my mother and sister, we shared the entire range from laughter to tears. We supported each other and simply needed to be together.

Shopping for special dresses to create lifetime memories in and sharing lunch may seem like just another Saturday for the ladies, but this one was different. It was a fabulous moment in time.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday

A short work day which included an extended lunch hour, a long weekend, plans to meet long-time friends for a fabulous meal and maybe an adult beverage and what could be better?

We have been planning this get-together for weeks, no, actually months and look forward to simply sitting back, catching up and enjoying some food. Our children have known each other since birth and though we don't talk as often as we may like, the time does not matter. We simply sit down and pick up where we left the last story. Truly looking forward to this time with people who know us almost as well as we know ourselves. Fabulous!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Fabulous Question, "What do you think?"

For most people in the workplace being asked, "What do you think," may be an awkward or on-the-spot situation. The best part is when those on the rungs above ask you because they realize a) you know the answer, b) you are best qualified to give an answer and c) you will not just tell them what they want to hear.

Using the creative part of my brain in a position that is fairly black and white can be a challenge, finding a way to utilize ideas to the company's advantage, get a bit of credit and then be asked for more - bonus!

It came in a day filled with highs and lows like many others, but have to admit it was the fabulous moment of the work day. "Can you take a look at this and tell me what you think?" Fabulous!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Fabulous Sound

Working in a quiet, community cubicle environment all day leaves little room for privacy and so a sort of open dorm style is adapted. Sometimes, it is easier to pretend not to hear and sometimes, it is impossible to avoid what is going on around you. A group of about 15 women plus one "guy" (he likes to be called that, thus the air quotes), mix in every ones emotions, personal lives, points of view and a few cultural background differences and voila - the potential for both disaster and the best stories one person could never make up.

Today, in the middle of it all, a co-worker brought a guest into the mix for lunch. They kept to themselves and tried to maintain a bit of privacy, but something new happened. The guest said something and my co-worker laughed. Laughed. Laughed. Mind you, it's not that we don't all laugh, sometimes it can be down right hysterical, but it is all relative. She rarely laughs. Something within me was touched. Happiness should be shared more and certainly an extra helping should be served among those we spend so much daily time among. Go ahead, laugh it up and keep it coming. It's fabulous!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All Sold Out of Fabulous

On those days when it really seems like a stretch to try to find the fabulous or see the silver lining, the best one can hope for is tomorrow. Perhaps the best moment of the day was being able to open one's eyes in the freshness of morning while the day still hasn't had a chance to unfold and all possibilities are still available. And so, with a new appreciation for those first few moments, where dreams are barely over and awareness just begins, it is the end of this page on the calendar.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fabulous and Unusual Sightings

Last week a co-worker shared she was driving on a three lane highway when she could see someone riding a bike on the shoulder. Typically, bicycle and pedestrian traffic are of course prohibited on busy highways and so this activity attracted her attention. Upon closer inspections she realized it was not just any bicycle but a unicycle. "I just wish I could have taken a picture because who would believe a man, in regular clothes, was just riding a unicycle down the interstate."

Today I walked out of work and I could not take my eyes off what appeared to be a hula hoop one of my co-workers was carrying to her car. I simply smiled and said "Good night," but really I could not stop thinking about a) if it was indeed a hula-hoop and 2) why was it at work?

Keep your eyes open for more fabulous sightings...can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

You are Fabulous

In addition to all of the moments in my own life for which I am grateful, a fabulous cast of characters also exist. Family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even those people who just give you a head nod because you kind of look familiar, or helpful strangers, everyone can contribute a little something fabulous.

Thank you for adding that little something extra to my life and to the lives of those you love and care about. Spread the word and let someone else know they are fabulous!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Fabulous Spring Cleaning in February

Last weekend we switched the dining room and living room. Lots of cleaning, sorting, purging, moving and rearranging.

Today only two more areas of the house were tackled - a corner armoire and the game closet. The armoire once held the television in the family room and over the years has been sort of a, I-don't-know-what-to-d0-with-this dumping ground for books and papers. I've saved every book I have ever reviewed simply because my name is in print. I have saved almost every book I have ever read because I enjoyed it. The game closet is in the kitchen and was originally designed to house the hot water maker but since we have a basement we dropped the appliance to the lowest level and installed shelves in the space and named it the game closet. Approximately 8' of board games, puzzles, coloring books, paints, VHS movies, albums and model car kits have been stored in this area for the last 15 years or so. The time had come, the time was now, clean out those areas now, now, now.

A few bags of plain old garbage, 3 copier paper boxes of yard sale items and a pile of items for my nephews. I am wiped out for the day but am getting used to this thinning out and next weekend look forward to purging the island in the kitchen, the break front in the foyer and someday the attic and basement.

The emotion was expressed by my husband. "I feel like we are getting rid of our children's childhood." Don't worry, we kept the really good stuff like the comic book our younger son created in the pages of a sketch pad and the matchbox trucks our older son had tucked away. As a fabulous bonus we have the memories.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Searching for a Fabulous Soundtrack

If I had to compile the soundtrack of my life, I wonder what songs would be included and so for the past few days I have been scouring the internet, listening to bits and pieces, writing on scraps of paper and am a bit obsessed.

I write down covers by popular artists and it seems the versions are only available on Youtube. How can I buy a copy to listen to on demand? How can I play it in my car?

So much music touches us in one lifetime. A number of genres, popular tunes, obscure pieces that may only be relevant to those who know me best, show tunes, movie theme songs, even parts of songs that have been featured in commercials. Hours and hours of songs on a playlist and choosing a small selection feels like picking a favorite child. The quest continues for the fabulous songs of a lifetime and the journey reveals more and more songs that need to be heard.

Try this one for Valentine's Day:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Fabulous Memory

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, groups of girls would gather at one friend's house, giggling and talking. They were getting ready for the social event of the week. They tried on each other's clothes, makeup, did their hair, sprayed it, brushed it, sprayed it some more and laughed some more. They wondered who else would be there, what would happen and would the latest crush show up.

All of this primping and preparing was done in the glaring light of day. Literally, hours were spent on this activity. Finally, it was time to go and in the most impractical, illogical time of our lives, we would wear heels in the dark to walk down the street to a party in a field. Yes. More than once. No one could see the makeup we took such time and care to apply. No one could really tell if our hair was perfectly feathered, full or fluffed. No one really cared. The boys were far smarter, dressed in jeans with concert shirts covered with flannels or sweatshirts. So practical.

And so we listened to Def Leppard and Ozzy (in fact, he was our host though his real name was Eric) and those that were there can fill in the blanks. We thought we were surely fabulous!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Last Moments of the Day

The nights of a full moon can be difficult for sleeping and in fact the first night often leaves me restless, tossing and turning. The best night's sleep is always after a sleepless night. Barely making it through dinner to the couch, clicking through channels without much thought and deciding at a ridiculously early hour the best decision would be to change into pajamas and get into bed before too much time passes and turns into a long nap on the sofa.

Changed into comfy cotton, pulling the sheets and comforter back, arranging the pillows into just the proper positions and the transformation fully begins. Thinking of the way a dog circles before flopping down into their spot, I lay first on one side and sometimes think of the comic who said, "Don't you just wish some nights you could just take your arm off before you go to bed?" Yes! I understand perfectly since on this night sleep will be sound, like a log, without rolling over and likely without dreams or even awareness of falling out until the alarm clock in the morning. Similar to the experience of receiving anesthesia, it is happening and yet, their is no real memory of it. A sigh. A smile. Eyelids closing and pure fabulous sleep.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fabulous John Travolta

A celebrity who has been around since I was aware of celebrities, John Travolta. I know, I know, many people think of Scientology, or the homosexual rumors or the horrible fact his son died, but to me he is just fabulous.

For awhile I wondered if he simply had a dance clause in all of his movies. The obvious Grease and Saturday Night Fever, ok, but what about Urban Cowboy (alright, it was a country-western/bull-riding bit of dysfunction), Michael, Pulp Fiction and of course, Hairspray. Want to know a secret? I still think he is fabulous! No, not that way, just overall. He's kept a pretty solid career going for decade after decade and overall has been in far less scandals than days Lindsay Lohan has served in jail.

I truly became a life long fan of Travolta's fabulousness in the movie "Face Off." Something about the scene in the church with the circle and Nicholas Cage and my favorite line, "Wheee, what a predicament!" Crazy? Just fabulous.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Faking Fabulous

Sometimes a moment really isn't all that great, in fact, sometimes on a Monday morning after only sleeping about four hours or so it's really hard to face the day. Sometimes we simply have to do things we don't like or want to do like get up before the dawn, get ready and drive for just under an hour to work. It's not the work, or even the people at work, but really, can it all just be done Tuesday - Thursday about noon - four? That would be a lot more convenient for me. And so, in the spirit of fabulous I try to fake it at first hoping the mood will just catch on and stick. For the most part, it works. Well, enough to make it bearable.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don't Mind if I Do

Typically, I spend about 10 hours a day in a seated position between driving to work and time at my desk in the office. Many reports have made it perfectly clear that much time in the chair is bad for everything else; the heart, overall health, blood pressure, cholesterol and quite honestly, the actual butt. Secretarial spread anyone?

And so, whenever I am out of work, I try to stand, walk or move in general. However, with day after day turning into week after week, if I am not training for my annual marathon walk, I know I have little stamina or strength for being on my feet.

Today I hit the floor running, switching furniture from the dining room to the living room. Cleaning, clearing, moving, and simply staying on my feet. Like an athlete, after hours I could feel my strength fade, my motivation wane and all I want to do is simply sit down. Fight through it, just a little more, and the Super Bowl snacks are prepared. Platters of veggies, shrimp, make the beef kabobs, grill them and the ribs, put the chips and dips on bowls, yes, all this trouble for just the four of us and finally, finally, it is time for the Anthem, the coin toss and the kick off. Make room on the couch for a well deserved and fabulous break. It's not my turn to do the dishes.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Those All Important First Fabulous Sips

A day off from work seems like a little bit of heaven all by itself, but add to that the lack of the annoying pulsating buzz of the alarm clock, the ability to stay in bed under the warm comforter as the sun slowly rises and it truly is heaven on earth. Believe it or not the morning can get even better.

The dog goes outside while the house is still and quiet. Although it is a little cool from turning the heat down overnight, it feels warmer once the curtains are opened and the gentle beams push through the front windows. The dog returns and a gentle tapping can be heard as her nails click against the wood floor. She sits and waits for a bit of breakfast and yes, a small splash of milk although she is now five years old.

Water is poured into the miracle electric machine, the click of a button and a magical process begins. The reserved, favorite, for the weekend and days off only, larger mug is put on the counter. It has a chip and used to have a mate but still, it is the vessel of weekend comfort. Within minutes the mixture of caffeine, water, a bit of sugar and a splash of milk and the fabulous first moments of the day have begun. For an extra dose of luxury, the mug is brought back to bed and the weekend can start with a bit of whisper in slow motion rather than the frenzy that is the work week. Gently, leisurely, the body greets the morning with little agenda and no sense of urgency.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Fabulous and Sometimes Mysterious Language of Mothers and Daughters

One long standing family tradition was my grandparents coming to my parents house for Sunday dinners from my childhood through early adulthood. The memories of these times range from simply fabulous times to life lessons learned and some hopefully not repeated. Of course the stories range from belly laughing funny to sternly serious and all emotions in-between. Those times come flooding back when I least expect, like today when I received an email from my mother.

A million years ago, when fancy telephones were cordless and cable television was readily available in the more urban areas (it hadn't come to my parents house yet), my grandmother unpacked her weekly recycled paper bag of treasures on to the dining room table. Books, cancelled stamps from Germany, a Pepperidge Farm German Chocolate cake, and coupons were laid out while she squinted and smoked. The cigarette ash was over two inches long and she could talk with a fairly thick German accent while the cigarette stayed stashed into the corner of her mouth, blinking, squinting and never dropping the ash.

It was quiet for whatever reason. No one had spoken, no stories were left unfinished when she said, "You know, that building used to have four doors on it."

Quiet pause. We looked at each other, my sister and I especially and I remember thinking, "What the HECK is she talking about????" My mother seemed to stand perfectly still before jumping on board my grandmother's thought train, "Oh, yeah." My mother then explained my grandmother was referring to the "old roller skating rink" that was being transformed into a new business. For years, we talked about this moment and every time we laughed about how random it seemed.

Today, when I returned from lunch I checked my email and this is what it said, "What was the name of that book....the corner of something and something?"

That's all it said.

We had no previous conversation about this and though I was taken aback for a second, I Googled it and was able to respond, "The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet?" "Yes," replied, "That's it. Thanks."

It's only fair to also admit, I have already done this to my children and while they are male, I think this magical language does translate from mother's to children. I have texted or called them to find out the name of a movie, actor or song (Hey, what's the name of that 50 cent song with the lyric doo doo doo the underdog's on top?) that I simply can't remember, as if I have passed my mind and memories on to them. Perhaps in a way I have and it's fabulous.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabulous Morale

Armed with team jerseys, crock pots and various chili dips, people from the combined departments I work with gathered together and took over a conference room for our first ever indoor tailgate party. Pulled pork, fried chicken, empanadas, pasta salad with chicken, a variety of chips and a table of desserts ranging from home made cheese cake to store bought chocolate chip cookies were all part of the buffet. Many prepared heaping plates and with a bit of surprise most of the food was consumed. Mostly we sat with the people we know best but felt some kind of workplace camaraderie by sharing a cultural tradition and talking a bit about the upcoming game. Well, really at our table we talked more about the commercials - past and present. These mini-events are designed to get our departments socializing a bit and improving employee morale and so they are sometimes accompanied by structured activities but this was more free flowing. Next time though we may at least show some clips of the Best of the Superbowl Ads in the background. Personally, I was missing any one of the famous NFL theme songs as background noise and yes, though they are not in the game at all, I wore my husband's classic and fabulous J-E-T-S jersey.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sometimes Reality is Just Better

On a dreaming streak again... the night before last I was busy preparing for a 30 day trip to the moon with my husband and mother. We would be launching the white pod that Tony from I Dream of Jeannie landed in the Atlantic. It was waiting to be loaded in my back yard and though I tried to ask my husband a million practical questions: how will we be able to pack all of the water 3 people will need for 30 days into that little pod, how will we launch it, what about food, how will we get back? He continuously responded something to the effect that it would all work out and everything will be fine. I could not convince him to the cancel the trip. I woke before the launch.

Last night/this morning - bad dream. Nightmare really. Being attacked from behind as I am going down a set of stairs, having my arms pinned at my sides, helpless until I retaliate then I am chased. A violent exchange ensues until I find the one person I think will help who simply wants to comfort me rather than take action. Frustration and disappointment. And then, although it is the ridiculously early morning hours, I am awake and happy simply knowing it was not real. I was fine. In fact, I was fabulous.