Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Day for Laughs

Mid-morning chat time and a group of us were of course talking about the Mega jackpot. In New Jersey, I am told, a drive-through liquor store exists that may sell lottery tickets. A group of us then discussed what other kinds of items should be sold together in best combination to perhaps start a chain of deadly sin stores (drive through optional). Our prototypes would sell alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, birth control, toothbrushes in the aisle of shame and of course, hand sanitizer among other items. Laughing, with limited airflow, tears coming out of my eyes, and that is of course when someone looks for you to ask a serious question. I find the strength to compose myself, but the second I return, I am belly laughing once more as we continue to discuss our possible inventory.

Then lunch with 3 co-workers today - and I had no notebook. It was one of the most entertaining lunches I have been to in awhile. Instead of a celebrity deathpool, we have each picked a list of ten celebrities most likely to get divorced this year (don't judge) and one celebrity couple we think will get married (to balance the karma). So, none of us have picked anything right so far this year so our quarterly meeting was just a chat about life instead at the best Mexican restaurant in Suffern.

One of my "lunchmates" admitted to having had been in a cult, one's mother-in-law wore white to her wedding and one told a story of a friend who had a horrible first date with someone who may or may not have had an extreme foot fetish. We threw in a couple of celebrity references, not necessarily about divorce, but a debate about Kanye's talent vs. Eminem, and what scandals might break this year to rival Brittney's meltdown or the Tiger Woods debacle. The whole experience, again, laughing with tears in my eyes. These are the days to hold on to and wish for more.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lotto Dreams Continue

As the Mega Millions jackpot continues to build and grow beyond 400 million dollars, my dreams and hopes expand as well. I simply cannot conceive of any one person suddenly having that much money. Really. And what does one do with it all? You can't simply bring that gigantic cardboard check Happy Gilmore style to the bank that certainly can't insure that much money. I'm joking, but really, how can one person even begin to manage even a portion of that winning payout? I have to say, I'm more than willing to give it a try and let you know how I do. My favorite author, Dorothy Parker once said, "I've never been a millionaire, but I know I would be darling at it." Me too!

I watched one of my favorite Food Network shows, "Chopped" last night and though it was a repeat, the winner offered to pay for the runner-ups ticket to Italy so she could see her grandmother. For him, winning wasn't entirely about the money. I'd never seen that happen before and yes, it makes a person a little misty eyed, the judges on the show teared up and the woman receiving the generosity from a stranger - well, she blatantly bawled her eyes out.

Random acts of kindness. Please include that in my newly revised list of things I would do with my lottery winnings. Imagine what it could feel like to simply pay for some one's groceries, full tank of gas, oil delivery, school clothes for a family (including sneakers) and deliver gifts to those recovering from surgery or undergoing physical therapy. The list is endless.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Always Learning

Traditional, educational learning, problem solving, job training, these all have their place, but I also love learning about a hobby, reading something new, meeting and interacting with new people... and I am realizing if the brain and soul don't have these new challenges it becomes like any other muscles losing strength and value from lack of use.

In addition, I've learned that if I don't pay attention, my mind wanders off into places it does not belong and it takes quite a bit of work to get it back on track. In fact, I have often compared it to being like picking an emotional or intellectual scab. And so, in the spirit of taking on something new, I am opening my mind to have a look and see what else looks interesting to me. Maybe I should look a little closer at caring for my newly received Orchid (it scares me) or a language or simply how to breath in and out without constantly worrying about something or other (that sounds really fabulous). Good luck to you in your new ventures and hope you wish me the same.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Substance in Vogue

Maybe for the first time, I read Vogue from cover to cover. No, really, not just the glossy page after page of ads, but really read the stories about Jennifer Lopez and one in particular about transformation, "Can you Conquer Your Biggest Fears," written by Plum Sykes. This piece was not about the inability to find just the right belt or shoes, it had depth and substance. We all have fears and some cause anxiety. It may be fairly popular or well recognized that generally, people do not like speaking in public which may be considered a fear and well, does that fear then grow into anxiety - enough to cause the body physical distress? It could. What a weighty subject for such a typically thought of light and fashion focused entertainment magazine...

In turn, the mind reels and I think of my own fears and anxiety as well as those extreme conditions and phobias some may suffer. How does this happen? How does the brain spin out of control and so a person facing what some may consider an insignificant event like leaving the house or seeing a spider that another is paralyzed with fear and distress? What can be done?

Sykes describes a weekend workshop held by Charles Linden. A quick Google search reveals two websites:


For those seeking genuine help, this man and his claims surely seem genius and when one is racked with nervous anxiety but looking for help, this program and information appears to be a cure all. I have no opinion at this time, as I am unfamiliar with his actual "techniques" or teachings, but the hype makes it all seem miraculous and wonderful.

I used to lie awake at night paralyzed with the fear of my own death. I could not imagine simply not being here any more. It wasn't just a fear of dying a young mother and leaving children behind, it wasn't just about suffering or pain, it was the whole idea. Finite. Mortality. Does the thought still cross my mind, yes, but not in the intensity or with the regularity it once did and the curious part, how did it stop and when? I don't know.

I know of an acquaintance who simply cannot be left alone. Well, couldn't, perhaps they feel differently about it now, but suffered for years at the thought of not being in constant contact with another human being. Unfortunately, this person had suffered a horrible loss and was indeed alone and so the brain may have reacted by rationalizing, "If not ever left alone, you will not suffer pain again."

While the topic may seem a bit heavy for a fabulous blog, it is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that all aspects of life are far from perfect and quite mysterious indeed. The trick it seems is to wade through it all, decide what's important and deserves attention and focus while shedding the painful parts as nothing more than experience and lessons. A bit of suffering may be what we needed at the time to appreciate the fabulous bits or be more sympathetic to those suffering what seems to us like irrational fear and anxiety. It can happen to us all.

Sometimes we simply have to work a little bit harder at finding the fabulous moments. These are the times when they are that much brighter with a touch more sparkle and significance. I know I will see something fabulous today, I expect it and welcome it.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Triple Dog Dare You

What are you going to do today? Work off a to-do list? What's on it? Tasks that can wait or something fun, fabulous and will make you feel better/energized/full of life/happy/passionate? I'll take the later and challenge you to do the same. I have spent my morning doing the things I should do and will likely spend a bit of time doing a few things I have to do, but am surely going to carve out a little time to do what I want to do.

It's ok, really. What's the worst thing that could happen? At least spend equal time on the have-to-do and the want-t0-do, isn't that a fair compromise? Now, I triple dog dare you and report back.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Fabulous If...

Everyone has a lotto dream. New house, vacations, maybe a boat, simply live better and many throw in a mention of donating a portion to charity or worthy cause, but how many win? Well, we all know the odds are not in our favor but as the saying goes, "All you need is a dollar and a dream."

I have worked it out that when I win tonight's Mega Million jackpot of $290 million dollars, I will likely be out of touch for awhile so if you don't hear from me, you will know my dreams came true. Seriously, what would I do?

Fabulous Top Ten Things to do with Lotto Winnings (in no particular order)

10. Quit my day job
9. Fund the young girl on the West Coast who is doing experiments to cure cancer.
8. Have my own gas pump.
7. Italy
6. Would have no more excuses not to write my novel(s)
5. All family members would finish their higher education and own their homes without worry
4. Start scholarships
3. Share
2. Simply no longer worry about costs
1. Have all clothing tailored to properly fit.

I'm sure I could think of more - that's the short list though. What's your dream?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

There's Always Tomorrow

There's always tomorrow, for dreams to come true...

Some days, it is decidedly more difficult than others to see the fabulous moments. Horrible images from last night's nightmare stayed with me most of the morning, a frenzied day, lunch at my desk, a harried afternoon, the commute home, unable to simply kick back and relax, news my older son has broken down on the highway... But, I know I laughed today. I know I shared a few stories and smiles, looked at the lighter side of things and decided which worries would be able to earn my attention and which to just let lie lifelessly and fall to the ground.

Deciding to let the dust settle may just be the most fabulous moment of the day. It will be there tomorrow if I have to deal with it or if the wind takes it away then that is the end of it.

I hope for healing, peaceful sleep, a calm house and safe family and friends. Extra hugs to those who suffer nightmares - they take a while to shake.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Fabulous Secret

Yesterday I received some news that I had been waiting about a year for and the glitch was, "We ask that you keep this to yourself for now." WHAT!! I wanted to skip around my job with a smile from ear to ear, throw my hands in the air and act like I just don't care and they want me to keep a secret. Really? Well, I did - sort of. I called my husband. He was truly happy and put my younger son on the phone who was also happy. Ok, well, 2 people, but they're family after all and who will they tell? I also shared with 3 coworkers in my department, two of which had the same news so really, doesn't that mean I only told one more person? I never said I could do what was asked by keeping it to myself.

And so, after work I ran into my previous boss. Yes, I told. Couldn't help it. Honestly, it didn't even feel gloaty or like I broke a promise because he really didn't seem to understand. (Picture the boss from Office Space...) I digress.

Today, the first announcement was a meeting at 11 that was postponed until 11:30 then rescheduled for "later." Hmmm, would the news break?

FINALLY at 3 o'clock, the department gathered with our Vice-President in the conference room and the announcement was made, "I am glad to share some good news with you all, we have 3 promotions in your department." The rest is a blur, but I know their was clapping and a beautiful orchid. Fabulous.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What heals you?

Everyone deals with stress differently and some of us may not even realize we are feeling a bit of pressure until our bodies react to it and we are forced to slow down or even stop. At the end of the day we may have sore or tense muscles, or a headache or other physical problem as a result of our stress. The trick, we are told, is to find a way to constructively deal with the stress. For me, I often think I am fine and nothing is bothering me and then suddenly my body screams out its own thoughts.

Alternately, when I think I am doing really well dealing with things by eating the right foods, light meals, working out, walking, writing in my journal, having a massage and my systems still backfire, I am truly stumped. Unexpectedly spending the day at home today under a clear blue sky with mild temperatures and the healing power of the sun, I raked out some garden beds and cleared away the remaining traces of last fall and winter (this is sure to bring on a Nor'easter I'm positive) and felt wonderful. No worries other than making sure I don't blister or rip off skin on my hands from raking.

What do you do to keep the stress away? How do you get it out? Or do you let things roll off your back in the first place? I am still finding my way and looking for more ideas to keep things balanced from the inside out. Hoping to maintain a regular level of fabulous with a minimal amount of stress invasion.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Men's Magazines

As a lover of the written word and fabulous images, my love for slick magazines can be clearly understood. I have confessed to keeping piles of them and boarding on a hoarders obsession, but now I recently discovered a new side of my love - men's magazines. No, not those silly, the ones available without brown wrappers, the titles I am not supposed to be drawn to have pulled me in with an uncontrollable force.

Today was the perfect day for sitting in a chair on the deck, sunbeams in my face and my yellow Lab, Maddy at my feet with a magazine in my lap. Yes, I had a short stack including; Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Health and Men's Journal. I looked at Woody Harrelson on the cover of Men's Journal and wondered why he wasn't on the face of the women's magazines. Honestly, I've never understood why the supermarket magazines feature women for women and men for men except women on Maxim and men on Playgirl. This really doesn't make sense to me at all. Yes, I want to read about Sandra Bullock, but why wouldn't I want to know more about Woody as well? Maybe I really can't relate to Megan Fox even though I love learning about 50 new tricks for my left over chicken (that's a stretch, but you understand what I mean) and so I habitually buy the titles I am supposed to as a member of my demographic.

Here's where the real differences came in though, in a side by side comparison (and to explain my methodology, I read the men's magazine first then Cosmo), it felt like the writing in Men's Journal was perhaps a bit more sophisticated or maybe I just enjoyed the fresh tone of voice. I didn't worry that I don't resemble the model in the ads for a second. I wasn't assaulted by overtly sexy ads or numerous fragrance samples. I liked it. Well, maybe the comparison was too harsh to I moved on to Health magazine with Christina Applegate on the cover. The topics were quite a bit tamer of course and the writing style was obviously different but I still wanted to buy another men's magazine. Maybe the lesson is to stop organizing magazine titles by sexual orientation period.

Here's a sample of what I enjoyed today...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


A coworker with a first name that does not begin with the letter "U" was wearing a fairly large gold initial letter necklace of the vowel. Why? Well, I had to ask.

"My crazy old landlord gave it to me and I just like it so I wear it."


The coworker in question thought maybe she needs a better story to go with the jewelry. "Maybe I can say it stands for 'you'," she laughed and pointed. Not sure if that's going to work. Turns out, the owner of the necklace did not have a name that started with the letter "U" either. Mysterious-er and mysterious-er. Where are those meddling kids with the dog and the van and their marijuana smoking theories?

This morning, I had one of those moments and said the word, "unique" for some reason before running into the coworker and when I saw her I said, "That's it. That's what the 'U' stands for, unique!"

Seriously, can't make these things up. Fabulous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can Temper Tantrums be Fabulous?

My favorite temper tantrum has to be from Julie Julia when Julie throws herself to the floor and sort of twitches about like a fish out of water, complaining/sobbing/whining and then for a last bit of emphasis kicks her foot up and lets it slam into the floor. Can this behavior ever be considered constructive or positive? What if I'm super-duper, horribly, really frustrated with my computer that has a terrible, no good, forsaken, some kind of virus malfunction that I really can't stand? This PC is basically held together with wishes and positive thoughts. I have 7 years of personal photographs on here - only some are backed up and while every one else runs off and gets Ipads and laptops and whatevers, I have a big old hunking black tower Dell PC. You know what, it's mine and I love it like an old pair of jeans, but when it misbehaves like this I am more than ready to throw myself to the floor and flop around like a helpless fish out of water. Can't the computer fairy simply come over night if I leave the mouse under my pillow and fix this mess? Do I really have to be responsible and have this taken care of by a professional and worry about backing everything up? Really? Fabulous (in my most sarcastic tone EVER)...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Unpopular - but it's ok

Many folks groan and mutter when we have to spring the clocks ahead and while I understand seeing it as a loss of one hour of sleep, I really prefer the trade off of sunlight after I get home from work. For a few weeks every year, I am up and out of the house before sunrise and barely make it home (sometimes I don't) by sunset. It starts to feel a bit vampire-like and I don't sparkle in the sun like those Twillight immortals.

Waking up on one Sunday morning with the clock a bit later than I thought it should be is a small price to be for being able to barbecue outside on the deck for dinner on a 70+ degree day in March. Grilled shrimp with risotto, tossed salad, tomatoes with mozzarella, fresh raspberries and blueberries all taste that much better in natural sunlight.

I'm sorry if the time change made you grumpy. For me, it's a wonderful introduction to longer days and a the warm season ahead. I'm looking forward to many more fabulous sunsets long after the dinner dishes are done.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Magazine Junkie

Hello, I have an addiction and it is magazines. I keep a few months back issues with the excuse that they are research, have something in it I need or I haven't read them yet. I love the slippery pages, the split second of annoyance when the postcard for a subscription falls out, the thicker scented pages, reading the masthead and covering my lap with the next issue I hope to read in line.

I have a pile in my closet, in the storage area of the ottoman in the family room and a short stack on the floor in the living room. I am not giving it up. I am not apologizing. Every few months, they are purged and though it is sometimes hard to let go, they are taken away with the recycling next to stacks of Wednesday and Sunday New York Times - ah, but that is another story.

I have a wide range of interests from the weekly gossip and celebrity nonsense to parenting, mothering, cooking, and local or specialized magazines, I love them all. I rescue back issues from work; including Men's Health and Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ). In my dreams, I would write for them all - a different topic every month and somewhere, someone would have my thoughts and words towering one on top of the next. Almost like hoarding. Almost. But, more fabulous.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today's Fabulous Moment

I love being a mom, but it is especially fun to be an aunt - rules aren't as tight, everything is a bit more relaxed, looser, less responsibility so a lot easier. Today, I was lucky enough to have lunch with my two young nephews in honor of the older one's birthday. We all went to a hibachi restaurant and it was their first time experiencing the humor and grill side entertainment. What a fabulous time watching it with fresh eyes, seeing and hearing their genuine laughter and waiting in anticipation for what could possibly happen next. To them, the jokes are fresh, the banging knives, shooting flames, tower of onions that turns into a volcano and flipping scraps of food at the diner's mouths with a spatula were all a fabulous sideshow. I wonder if you asked them what the best part was if they would answer, "When the chef pretended he was going to squirt sauce at my Aunt but it was a trick bottle. She jumped in her seat!" Yes, I did. I loved every second of it though. The Asian accent while singing Happy Birthday as a bus boy beats a drum and the birthday boy is presented a mini cupcake with candle will also always be a fun memory. I felt lucky to be a part of the day and fabulously lucky to have this family and the ability to have these experiences together.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Fabulous New Gadget

Yes, I know I should get up and out more. Yes, I know sitting at a desk for hours a day, day after day, will slowly kill me. To help balance things I have had my older son write a training schedule for me and to help me keep from being entirely bored, I wanted to substitute bicycle time for some of my treadmill time. Winters in the Northeast, as well as wanting some of the comforts of home, contributed to my decision to add a stationary bike stand to my work out equipment though I asked my husband, Mr. Ebay to help by finding one.

The large box finally arrived and dear hubby was able to quickly put my bike in place and off I went. Well, ok, to be honest nothing is really that smooth, but the stand and my ten speed from my 13th birthday were both ready to roll, it was me that did a bit of protesting.

"The seat is too hard."

"The odometer is connected to the front wheel so I have no idea how fast or how far I am going."

"This is hard."

Ah, but I turned on the Food Network and timed my ride. Older son suggested a folded towel for a bit of cushion and well, sitting is easy and that's the problem.

I recently overheard someone say, "Get what you want (for dinner), you will be dead for a long time." My hope is to put it off.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabulous Music to Clean By

Music can be so powerful, mood altering, happy, or sad (bagpipes at funerals), fast, slow and so of course we sometimes select it based on how we are feeling or how we want to feel. I especially like to choose loud, upbeat tunes for cleaning. In fact, I prefer to be able to "crank it up" louder than a running vacuum and many times feel perfectly entitled to sing along - badly and sometimes slurring lyrics I'm not really sure of - so what? I know you do it sometimes too. If you can admit to singing in the shower and car concerts, I'm fairly confident you are blasting something for background noise while getting through tasks from cleaning out the garage to folding laundry. I especially enjoy loading up the CD player with the Beatles or custom made mixes, or even something from the old days - the fabulous '80's. I know that probably already sounds horribly old fashioned to the Ipod generation, but a bunch of discs I love on "shuffle" can really make me happy and before I know it, the tasks are done and ok, maybe I was dancing in my socks a little, no one was watching. Were they?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fabulous LIfe in a Small Town

City people, country folks, every one of us has a soul that simply screams out for one or the other. I admit, I live only a few short miles away from the house my parents started their lives together in, and also relatively close to the homes of my mother, sister and deceased grandparents. My children went to the high school I did and had a few of the same teachers. They worked with and for people I know, they had friends and girlfriends and I knew some of their parents.

Some people may cringe at the thought of continually running into friends and neighbors, but especially while raising a family, I loved the feel, the vibe, the trust and the sense of knowing just a bit more. I sometimes wonder how things could have been different - who wouldn't? I'm sure my family does as well. It's comfortable like an old pair of jeans, and yet, if a person craves adventure or the unknown, it will take a bit of work but it could happen.

I prefer going to restaurants and businesses in which I know the owners and/or employees, attending art shows or musical performances because they are someone I know or simply trusting no matter where I am, I won't be far from someone fabulous (and it is likely if I don't know them personally, we will be able to find a person in common with little effort). Life in a small town, not so bad.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cook For Me

A joy among joys, the most fabulous moment of the day came after I arrived home and waved to my older son as he grilled steaks. The table was set. What a feeling! We briefly talked about the menu and he simply made it happen.

It only took a few minutes to finish putting everything together and voila - dinner was served. I didn't even have time to put on my "ah- the day is over" clothes!

Yes, I said thank you, but really I am having a hard time finding the words to express how fabulous it was to come home and not really have to think.

Further irony, later after doing the dishes I sat at the computer and put on Facebook to see a photo of someone else's son - cooking dinner! Fabulous!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Words, Fabulous Words

We are really quite lucky to have such an assortment of words at our disposal to express our every thought and feeling. While some may resort to a few choice favorites that used to be used only for extreme occasions, it can be refreshing to hear others creatively express themselves.

For example, a coworker appeared a bit overwhelmed, buried in paperwork, fenced in by deadlines and barely able to come up for air. I may not be quoting her correctly, but a reference was made to either having mental congestion or needing a mental decongestant... fairly graphic without a trace of foul language or slang terms. Loved it. Made me laugh, I clearly understood her feelings and am looking forward to more.

This same woman has also said things like, "I am a firm believer in and strong proponent of, better living through chemistry," regarding those who need mood/mental health stabilizing medication.

Later that same day, a different coworker who is battling a cold the day before a major presentation was lamenting over her cold symptoms. "I can't believe my nose is crusty the day before I have to speak in front of everyone. It feels like my face will explode." Overhearing her another commented, "She should be a novelist. So graphic." (*Disclaimer: quotes are more paraphrased and may not be 100% accurate - I do what I can to retain details.)

I am enjoying the more creative verbalization and find I truly pay better attention to what is being said when I don't have to skip over all of the unnecessary expletives. Doesn't mean anyone should consider censorship of any kind, merely that I am currently a fan of different forms of expression. Fabulous.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Go Ahead, Make me Laugh

Sometimes those fabulous moments start simply enough... a group of five women gathered at the conference table, having lunch, and talking about the television they watched over the weekend. I saw and loved, "Hugo" thanks to Movies on Demand. Loved it. Two thumbs up. When images and the story and characters all stay with you long after the credits have rolled, it is a guaranteed success. One co-worker who had also watched it this weekend didn't feel quite as strongly about it as I did, but instead shared she had watched America's Funniest Home Video's last night. She went on to tell about the winning video which oddly enough did not include any crippling crotch injuries or pets. Hard to believe, but it was truly funny and involved a woman waking up after a dental procedure and the ridiculous things she said while coming around. The conversation was taken over by a third woman who retold the following story and said, "If we would have had a video camera, I know we would have won!"

An afternoon gathering of mothers and children with the mothers in one room talking, and the children in another assembling their own marching band. The children begin to march through the room with the women and they are banging on make-shift drums or humming into kazoos until my co-worker notices one of her own sons has a trumpet, with the mouthpiece over his nose and he was blowing with all his might.

I could not stop laughing. The image of a young boy with his nose pressed into the trumpet, serious face, marching along brought tears to my eyes.

Share your fabulous moments - the telling and retelling of the stories keeps us all alive.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

For When You Need It

On the eve of a new week, another Monday, maybe you are feeling a little bit of dread, a bit of hesitation in facing the work day or whatever challenge tomorrow may bring, it may help to remember, someone thinks you are fabulous.

Yes, it's true. Someone admires you or maybe even envies you or a part of your fabulous life. Just as you admire others.

They may think you are funny, or helpful, or understanding, reliable, knowledgeable or trustworthy. Perhaps you are talented, even-tempered, a creative thinker or problem solver. Maybe you simply offered somebody a kind word when they needed it most or simply nodded your head in understanding. It mattered.

Yes, some days it is a little bit harder to see and find the joy, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.

And so for those days that seem like you are dragging your feet, or hanging your head or questioning, "What difference does it make?"

Hold on to this moment like a Get Out of Jail Free card because you are fabulous, really.

And when you feel it again, pass it on.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fabulous Patterns: The Inquisitive Older Son

Since he could talk, reason and ask questions, he did and often. Not the usual questions parents are warned about like, "Why is the sky blue?" He asked things like, "What are car doors made out of," or, "How do you make glass?"

We were on along for the ride on his quest for a lifetime of answers. We supplied them when we could and pointed him to reference materials when needed. His journey began before Internet search engines and sometimes we actually went to the library to find out the "what's" or "how's" together.

He did like cartoons, but he was equally happy watching Discovery channel type shows and even today will watch "Gold Rush," or "Top Gear" on the BBC (the American version simply isn't the same). We've watched biography's, how things are made, Dirty Jobs and a few Animal Kingdom-ish shows.

Tonight (and yes, this has happened in the past), he stood with me toward the end of the meal being prepared and questioned me about the process' involved in everything from gravy from scratch, mashed potatoes (type used, length of time cooked, ratio of butter and milk and amount of mashing time), string bean preparation and the pros and cons of using flour or cornstarch to thicken gravy. The thought process is the same, he will take away the information, digest and return (might not be for a year, could be tomorrow) and ask a few "what if's" like "what if you used russet potatoes because they were the only ones you have in the house," or "what if you use margarine instead of butter?" I'm ready for these.

I am caught off guard when we are in the middle of something completely unrelated and he will ask, "how did you know you wanted to marry Dad?" I will worry that is shopping for an engagement ring. Or if he asked me, "What do you think you would want your grandchildren to call you, like, grandma or mama or what?" On that day, I will need fresh air before answering, but someday in the future, it will be a fabulous moment.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What is your definition?

What are you doing to make your life more fabulous? I try to look for it every day. Many times I find repeat performances of fabulous - encores if you will, times when I can almost count on feeling better because I am with my family, I am relaxing, spending time with people or activities I love, recharging, being creative and having a wonderful meal are some of the constants. Watching a beautifully made movie, being able to appreciate amazing works of art and reading a well crafted book are also almost always fabulous moments in my life. Sunrise, sunset, walks on a sandy beach, sitting by a lake, holding hands, all of the corny things of greeting cards and posters... yup, they add to the fabulousness. The smell after the rain. Listening to nothing, the wind, the birds, the crickets, a favorite song you know all of the words to. Remembering. Seeing new places, meeting new people, building your world. Poetic words, laughing out loud until your body simply can't take anymore, the bluest blue sky after a storm, a cold glass on a hot day, a hot mug in a snowstorm, drawing in the condensation on the window, writing with chalk on a sidewalk, dancing, singing, a secret smile, talking in code, making a phone call to someone you miss, breakfast with friends, taking a moment to appreciate all of those fabulous moments.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Fabulous Lesson in Silence

Quick thoughts about silence in the workplace... what I thought happened and was quite ready to fly off the handle about was inaccurate and incorrect. Thank goodness for the wisdom, patience and whatever other cosmic happenings that occured this morning to prevent me from spewing off about how things appeared. It really is difficult sometimes to imagine things other than the way we think they look and it is funny how sincerely suprised we are when we found out, yes, we were wrong. Lesson learned, but that is no guarantee of future good behavior.